Solidworx Engineering is a young dynamic company with a passion to design, create and deliver components and tooling for the manufacturing industry.

The founder of Solidworx, Anton Bezuidenhout is well known around the globe for his tool and die making capabilities in the alloy wheel industry and was also the founder of Wheelcraft Alloy Wheels. Through the years he has found that there is a huge demand by companies for the manufacture of medium sized aluminium die casted components (30g to 5kg) as well as companies that specialize in the tool and die making side for aluminium die casting. For most people the cost for die casted components has just been too high, simply because of the tooling aspect and so they stick to the old fashioned sand cast method where the quality is not consistent but good enough for the job. Recognising the need in the industry, he decided to start Solidworx Engineering, a company that offers new and more affordable ways to die cast components as well as offering a competitive alternative to sand casted components with a higher quality and consistency.

At this stage we only do aluminium gravity die casting and can produce between 6000 and 9000 components monthly.
Our in-house drawing office makes use of the latest CAD/CAM software and can offer you 2D drawings as well as 3D modelling complete with animation if required.
Our fully equipped tool room uses the latest CNC technology for fast and high precision tool and die making, jigs and fixtures, manufacturing and prototyping.
Non Ferous Metal Foundry
Computer Aided Design
Tool & Die Making
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