At this stage we only do aluminium gravity die casting and can produce between 6000 and 9000 components monthly. This volume is based on components that vary from as light as 30 grams to 3kg.
Our melting holding furnaces varies from 50kg to 400kg moulted aluminium weight.
Dies are cleaned by fine sandblasting after every run and are maintained in-house by our tool room.

Non Ferous Metal Foundry
Computer Aided Design
Tool & Die Making

                Drawing Office

  • Our in-house drawing office makes use of the latest CAD/CAM software and can offer you 2D drawings as well as 3D modelling complete with animation if required.
  • We accept drawings submitted to us in any file format.
  • An experienced designer/ draughtsman can assist you with any designing or product development needs.
  • With new products or patents, we can assist you from patent searching to full prototyping, all in one package.
  • For die casting or injection moulding purposes, we can establish the mass and weight of any component in any kind of material before actually manufacturing it for you. This aspect is specifically useful when needing an exact quotation for manufacturing or where the weight of the component is crucial.

              Tool Room
                   Our fully equipped tool                    room uses the latest CNC technology for fast and high precision tool and die making, jigs and fixtures, manufacturing and prototyping. We also make use of conventional milling, turning, drilling and surface grinding machines for lower volume components or wherever it is required.

This department consist of the following machines:

  • Pipe bending machine - for pipes up to 76mm in diameter
  • Rolling machine - angle and flat bar up to 75 x 75 x 6
  • Sheet metal bending machine - up to 2450 X 2.5
  • Welding in CO2 and Tig


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